MYND boasts carefully considered features that complement and enhance the space, thus contributing to the well-being of employees and visitors alike.

Piktogramm 134 Meter Turmgebäude
134 m tower building
Piktogramm 3 m Deckenhöhe
3 m ceiling height
Icon 24/7 Fob-Access
247 fob access
Icon 9 lifts
9 lifts
Icon top floor reached in 30 seconds
Top floor reached in 30 seconds
icon high-quality changing rooms
High quality changing rooms
Piktogramm 9 Duschen
9 showers
Piktogramm 130 Fahrradstellplätze
130 Bicycle parking spaces
Piktogramm große Lobby mit doppelter Höhe
Large lobby with double height ceiling
Icon café/bar in the lobby
Cafébar in the lobby
Piktogramm besetzter Empfang
Manned reception
Piktogramm Dachterrasse und Loggia
Roof terrace and loggia
Piktogramm 7.000 m² Community-Flächen
7000 m² community spaces
Piktogramm dezentrale Lüftungsanlagen für jeden Mietbereich
Decentralised ventilation systems for every rental space
Icon solar control glass
Solar control glass
Icon energy monitoring system
Energy monitoring system
Icon automated LED lighting management
Automated LED lighting management
Portrait MYND Architect Jan Kleihues

A new Icon

In the heart of Alexanderplatz, MYND is rising out of the existing Galeria department store as a 134-metre high building. The tower uses the existing structures, adds further elements, creating a landmark that enhances its surroundings, and helps to define the new Berlin skyline.

With its generously sized glass façade, a workspace of around 38,000 m², hollow core ceilings up to three metres in height and environmentally compatible building materials, the high-rise office building is a prime example of modern construction. It is spacious, open and flexible, and eco-friendly to boot – just right for companies who want to break new ground.

“It was important to us to develop a contemporary yet simultaneously timeless ensemble.”

Jan Kleihues, Architect


Jan Kleihues is the architect behind MYND. He talks about his love for Alexanderplatz, the similarities between design and sustainability and the future of cities.

iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" title="220720_BER_MYND_InterviewKleihues_Final_mit_Untertitel_EN"
MYND with the Alexanderplatz station
Aerial view of the MYND building with TV tower
Aerial view of the MYND building with TV tower
Aerial view of the MYND building with TV tower
View of Galeria Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz with MYND tower in the background
Aerial view of Alexanderplatz with MYND tower and TV tower at night

Commencement of partial demolition for existing structure


Commencement of civil engineeringUrban planning contract signed and building permit granted


Commencement of building construction


Completion of tower